Rabu, 14 Oktober 2015

Vintage Seiko Chronograph Black Helmet AKA Darth Vader

Still busy... in the middle all of my datelines, i only can upload the beautiful of the Darth Vader watch. Sing penting still exist laah di dunia perhorologian...!!! hehehe... I'll be back soon.


Kamis, 12 Maret 2015

Vintage Universal Geneve Polerouter No Date Watch

It's only a beautiful no date watch in all original condition that already accompany me for years. One thing i love from this watch was the tropical patina dial with great movement inside. I believe you can find many polerouter out there but only few watch have a nice and clean microrotor engine like i have. You guys already have known about this historical watch with great watch maker behind, Gerald Genta. If you still don't know the historical of the watch please see here for your perusal :)

Thanks reader.


Selasa, 30 Desember 2014

Vintage Enicar Sherpa Jet GMT Watch

It just a beautiful vintage GMT watch from 60's that was acquire at the end of this year...
Nothing to say unless "Happy facing the upcoming year 2015 to all bloggers and readers..."
More success to all of us always for the upcoming year...!

Hilman Heikal

Rabu, 09 Juli 2014

Vintage Enicar Sherpa Guide for the Election Day

5 minutes for 5 years onward.... Wearing this Vintage Enicar GMT watch plus kotak2 shirt... I do very enthusiast for this time...  :D
Let's keep the election day fair and peace full... :)


Kamis, 03 April 2014

Vintage Seiko Chronograph UFO 6138-0011 Yatchman

                                                                   picture courtesy from: www.telegraph.co.uk

UFO....? Fictitious or real...? No real source to believe to prove the existence of this phenomena. I will leave it behind for the expert one. Bellow UFO it's absolutely real. A vintage Seiko UFO 6138-0011 in all original condition with unpolished case, yihaa.... If you search information on google about this beautiful UFO watch off course you will find many information of it.... :) Beautiful vintage Seiko that was born on June 1977,  still looks young with all original part inside, running well, sexy, and eye catching, pokoke maknyus laah.... hahahaha...

Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

Vintage Yema Skeleton

Another treasure from France, a vintage thin watch with NOS Condition... Yiiiiihaaaa....
A beautiful skeleton watch... reminds me with terminator movie... hahaha...
My third Yema after Submariner.... :)
What a beautiful dress watch with unique design without second hands. Truly, Madly, Deeply.... :)

Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

The Speciality of Casio G-Shock

Since many people don't know the speciality of this watch, i would like to share you more things about Casio G-Shock, the toughness watch on earth for me. I dedicated this post to all watch enthusiast whom freaks with this digital watch. Please take a note that this is just my two cent about G-Shock which is came from my point of view.  

Gshock was first introduced to public on April 1983 which is designed by an engineer Kikuo Ibe with the first model was DW-5000C-1A. Since it launched that time, it has broken many people opinion that watch was one of jewelry that has to be handled carefully. (picture taken from http://shock-resist.com and http://mygshock.com)

Here are three specialities of G-Shock from my point of view:

1.    The strength of G-Shock
Buying G-Shock for me fells buying a watch for a life time. Seriously, even you don’t have to worry when you missed it, this not an expensive watch absolutely even though you will find a few models cost expensively. What is the strength of G-Shock….? You will find a lot of information about G-Shock strength on internet but I will try to summarize them here.
·         Deep water test, every G-Shock watches designed to reach 200m. It could be choice for you who like diving also

·         Piston test and hammer test for the impact test. People said that this video was only for marketing reference. I tried my watch crushed with a 20 ton truck and the watch still find till now.

·         Drop test, this is the most test I often do than others. I sometime throw my G-Shock to the sky when I feel bored to make sure that the watch still strong J 

2.    The Feature of G-Shock
I will share you the feature of G-Shock DW-5600E, in my research probably this is the cheapest G-Shock on store, cmiiw. You can acquire it around 55 usd. The feature as follows:
·         Time display in 12-hour or 24-hour format.
·         Auto-calendar correctly calculates month lengths, leap years and days-of-the-week between 1985 and 2039 (module 1545). Updated calendar in the module 3229 has years between 2000 and 2099.
·         One alarm. An unusual feature is that in addition to the hour and minute, a month and/or date may optionally be set, so the alarm will only sound during the specified month or on the specified day of the month.
·         Time signal (hourly chime.)
·         Countdown timer: Can be set for any duration from one second up to 24 hours, in one-second increments; optional auto-repeat function. The current home time is also displayed in countdown timer mode.
·         Stopwatch: 1/100th second, which measures net time, split time, and first- and second-place times; rolls over at 24 hours.
·         Illumination: Backlight is via Illuminator, an electroluminescent backlight, where a blue/green luminescence makes the whole display visible at any light conditions.
·         Shock-resistant design, intended to survive a 10-meter fall. The new composite-case and steel panel back made the watch about 30% lighter, and better fitted to the wrist.
·         Water resistant 200m.
·         Battery: One lithium button cellCR2016 (module 1545). Was expected to last two years or more with 3.5 seconds backlight operation and 20 seconds alarm per day.
 Conclusion from this point: You don't have to spend more money to get tough watch with helpful feature for your daily activity.

3.    G-Shock goes to Hollywood
I will share you some G-Shock Watch on Hollywood movies (all picture taken from google).
·         Keanu reeves use G-Shock DW-5600C in Speed (1994)

·         Tom Cruise use G-Shock DW-5300 in Mission Impossible I (1996)

·         Tom Cruise use G-Shock DW-6900 in Mission Impossible II (2000)

·         Tom Cruise use G-shock MTG-910D in Mission Impossible III (2006)

·         Simon Pegg use G-Shock GX-56 in Mission Impossible IV, Ghost Protocol (2011)

·         Mark Wahlberg and team use G-Shock DW-6600 In Italian Job (2003)

·         Martin Lawrence use G-Shock DW-5900 in Bad Boys I (1995)

·         Sean Connery and Catherine Zetta Jones use G-Shock GT-001 in the Entrapment (1999)

·         Jake Gyllenhaal use G-Shock DW-5600 in Jarhead (2005)

·         Steeve Carell use G-Shock DW-5600 in The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

·         Aaron Eckhart use G-Shock GW-9000 in Battle: LA (2011)

·         Ryan Reynolds use G-Shock GW-6900 in Safe House (2012)

·         Brad Pitt use G-Shock G-2310 in Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

·         Gabriel Macht use G-Shock DW-6900 in Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

·         Bruce Willis use G-Shock DW-9050 in Tears of The Sun (2003)

·         Sullivan Stapleton use G-Shock G-9200-1 “Riseman”  in Strike Back (2010)

·         Gerard Butler use G-Shock G-9100-1 in Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

·         And many more….. J

That’s just my 2 cents about G-Shock, Hope this post will useful to all readers. By the way, what kind of G-Shock you use today…?

Hilman Heikal,